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Production of combed sliver products for silk spinning, semi worsted and woolen blended products enterprises

Zhejiang Cotton Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2000, formerly known as Tongxiang Hongye textile factory, Tongxiang City Jin Textile Co Ltd. The company is located in Fengming Street Development Zone, is a welfare enterprise, the existing staff of 200 people, of which the welfare of staff 47 people, technical personnel 20 people. Covers an area of 50 acres, the total assets of 100 million yuan, is a professional production enterprise with an annual output of10000 tons of combed sliver, the company has the most advanced textile equipment (Shanghai first textile machinery factory production of 201E combing machine 76, Shenyang textile machinery factory production of FA306A drawing 10, Qingdao textile machinery factory production of A186G carding machine 50 Taiwan), the production of combed sliver products for silk, semi worsted wool textile enterprises and blended products, are widely sold in Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places. The company currently has 82 high-end customers, 5 of which are listed companies, occupied, and semi worsted wool spinning industry all three leading enterprises. The company product quality, so the sales price in the same industry is relatively high, but still has a large advantage in the competition in the industry, the larger scale products have a greater influence in the market, have the right to speak on the price, has obvious competitive advantage.

The company all staff through ten years of painstaking efforts, has developed into a certain scale, the unique product advantages of the enterprise, become a solid foundation of management, technical personnel complete enterprise, become a widely accepted by the market, occupy the industry of high-end customers specializes in innovative enterprises producing combed sliver.

The spirit of "integrity, responsibility, long-term core value" concept, adhere to the "many varieties, high quality, good customer" business philosophy, "to create the gold team, to create brilliant career" as the enterprise mission, to build an annual output of 10000 tons of combed sliver "supermarket.